Khalil Sarabey - Full Stack Web and Mobile Developer
I’m no designer, but I’m in love with minimalistic designs, that’s why Escape is one of my favorite sites. This is the second version of the site, and I had the honor to build both, with Cybelle’s positivity and openness and Jennifer El Hage the designer, we were able to pull something beautiful!
About Escape
Escape is an unconventional boutique travel agency located in the heart of Beirut.
Our specialty is luxury travel as we craft unique customized experiences and create exceptional travel emotions.
We believe that an escape should never be generic.
– Custom CMS
– Bootstrap
Cybelle Moutran Kurban

Khalil is such a cool guy. So cool it’s contagious! I tend to panic when it comes to IT but he made it feel so easy I actually enjoyed every step of the way leading to an amazing website. He made even changing some features of the website so easy, I can access it anytime and do the changes I want.

Thank you Khalil for the great job you’ve done for Escape. It was a real pleasure working with you on our second website!

Cybelle Moutran Kurban

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